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Posts from August 2017

July 2017

Dr. Pat Taylor

Read Dr. Pat Taylor's summary of an article by Everson (2017) that evaluated the findings of existing literature related to value-added models.

Posts from July 2017

June 2017

Dr. Garrett Roberts

Read Dr. Garrett Roberts' summary of an article by Chow and Wehby (2016) on the associations between language and problem behavior.

Posts from June 2017

May 2017

Dr. Philip Capin

Read Dr. Philip Capin's summary of an article by Hua and Keenan (2017) that explores how reading comprehension tests vary in the underlying skills they assess.

Posts from May 2017

April 2017

Dr. Nancy Scammacca

Read Dr. Nancy Scammacca's summary of an article by Schulte, Stevens, Elliott, Tindal, and Nese (2016) that examines patterns of reading growth over time for students with disabilities, general education students, and academically gifted students.

Posts from March 2017

March 2017

Dr. Jeremy Miciak

Read Dr. Jeremy Miciak's summary of a Polanin et al. (2016) study on publication bias through the review of 81 meta-analyses.

Posts from February 2017

January 2017

Dr. Jenifer Juranek

Read Dr. Jenifer Juranek's summary of a Vandermosten et al. (2016) meta-analysis of MRI brain imaging studies of prereading children and the implications for dyslexia.

Posts from December 2016

November 2016

Dr. Greg Roberts

Read Dr. Greg Roberts' summary of a Morgan et al. (2015) study of the representation of minority students in special education.

Posts from November 2016

October 2016

Dr. Jack Fletcher

Read Dr. Jack Fletcher's summary of Stockard & Wood's (2016) The Threshold and Inclusive Approaches to Determining “Best Available Evidence’’: An Empirical Analysis.

Posts from September 2016

September 2016

Dr. Paul T. Cirino

Read Dr. Paul Cirino's summary of Besner et al. (2016) article on the role attention plays in reading behavior.

Posts from August 2016

August 2016

Dr. Jessica Church-Lang

Read Dr. Jessica Church Lang's summary of a study by Friedman et al. (2016) on reading comprehension and ADHD.