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December 2021: Observation Systems in Special Education

Historically, special education research has disproportionately focused on individual traits that predict learning and/or learning difficulties. As a result, there is a robust literature on the reliability and validity of instruments to measure individual traits that are associated with educational outcomes. However, relatively fewer studies have employed classroom observation systems to identify promising instructional practices and environmental factors that shape students’ classroom experiences. Fewer still have systematically evaluated the reliability and validity of classroom observation instruments. This represents a significant gap in special education observation research—a gap addressed by the current study.  

September 2021: The Stability of Learning Disabilities Among Emergent Bilingual Children

Read Drs. Kelly Macdonald and Paul Cirino's summary of a study by Swanson, Arizmendi, and Li (2020) on the stability of learning disabilities among emergent bilingual children.

August 2021: What Does a Critical Period for Second Language Acquisition Mean? Reflections on Hartshorne et al.

Read Arturo Hernandez and Jean P. Bodet III's exploration of the controversial findings of Hartshorne, Tenenbaum, and Pinker (2018) on the age window for the critical period of second-language learning.

June 2021: Augmenting the Simple View of Reading for Struggling Adult Readers: A Unique Role for Background Knowledge

Read Maryam Khan and Yusra Ahmed's summary of a study by Talwar, Tighe, and Greenberg (2018) on the role of background knowledge in struggling adult readers.

April 2021: Is Systematic Phonics More Effective Than Alternative Methods of Reading Instruction?

Read Dr. Jack M. Fletcher's review of an article by J. S. Bowers (2020) in Educational Psychology Review, which TCLD researchers Fletcher and Vaughn, and their colleague, Rob Savage of the University College London also responded to in the same journal.

February 2021: Improved Educational Achievement as a Path to Desistance

Read Julia D. Kovalenko and Elena L. Grigorenko's summary of a Grigorenko et al. (2019) study on improving educational achievement as a path to desistance.

December 2020: White Matter Plasticity During an Intensive Reading Intervention

Read Dr. Jenifer Juranek's summary of Huber et al.'s (2018) study on white matter plasticity during an intensive reading intervention.

September 2020: Differentiated Literacy Instruction: Boondoggle or Best Practice?

Read Sarah Fishstrom and Sharon Vaughn's summary of an article by Puzio (2020) about differentiated literacy instruction.

June 2020: Brain Activity in Struggling Readers Before Intervention Relates to Future Reading Gains

Read Tehila Nugiel and Dr. Jessica A. Church's summary of an article by Nugiel et al. (2019) on the relationship between brain activity in struggling readers before intervention and future reading gains.

April 2020: The Association Between Poor Reading and Internalising Problems

Read Sarah Fishstrom, Paul K. Steinle, and Dr. Phil Capin's summary of a meta-analysis by Francis et al. (2019) on the association between poor reading and internalising problems, such as anxiety and depression.

March 2020: Intervention Research on Students With Learning Disabilities in the Social Studies

Read Dr. Nancy Scammacca's summary of a meta-analysis by Ciullo and colleagues (2019) on intervention research pertaining to students with learning disabilities in the social studies.

February 2020: Profile Reliability of Cognitive Ability Subscores

Read Dr. Pat Taylor's summary of a study by Styck, Beaujean, and Watkinson (2019) on profile reliability of cognitive ability subscores.

January 2020: Are Reading Interventions for ELLs Effective?

Read Hsuan-Hui Wang, Paul Steinle, and Dr. Yusra Ahmed's summary of a meta-analysis by Ludwig and colleagues (2019) on reading interventions for English language learners.

December 2019: Converting to Privatization: A Discourse Analysis of Dyslexia Policy Narratives

Read Paul Steinle and Dr. Sharon Vaughn's summary of an analysis by Gabriel (2019) on dyslexia policy narratives.

November 2019: Long-Term Effects of Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, and Reading Comprehension Interventions

Read Johny Daniel and Dr. Jeremy Miciak's summary of a Suggate (2016) meta-analysis examining the long-term effects of reading interventions.

October 2019: Effect of a Social Studies Intervention on Vocabulary Knowledge of Below-Average Readers

Read Hsuan-Hui Wang, Paul Steinle, and Dr. Stephanie Stillman's summary of a study by Scammacca and Stillman (2018) on the effect of a social studies intervention on the vocabulary knowledge of below-average readers.

September 2019: A Meta-Analysis: Are Students With Disabilities Accessing the Curriculum?

Read Paul Steinle and Dr. Nancy Scammacca Lewis' summary of a meta-analysis by Gilmour, Fuchs, and Wehby (2019) on the reading achievement gap between students with and without disabilities.

August 2019: Defining Summer Gain Among Elementary Students With or at Risk for Reading Disabilities

Read Jordan Dille & Dr. Phil Capin's summary of an article by Reed et al. (2019) on defining summer gain among elementary students with or at risk for reading disabilities.

July 2019: Specific Learning Disabilities: 50 years of Science and Practice

Read Dr. Philip Capin and Jordan Dille's summary of an article by Grigorenko et al. (2019) on specific learning disabilities: 50 years of science and practice.

June 2019: Effects of a Language‐Based Reading Intervention on Bilingual Learners

Read Johny Daniel and Dr. Philip Capin's summary of a Proctor and colleagues (2019) study of the effects of a language‐based reading intervention on bilingual learners.