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February 2018

Dr. Nancy Scammacca

Read Dr. Nancy Scammacca's summary of a meta-analysis by Collins, Lindström, and Compton (2018) that examines reading comprehension assessment to determine the impact of item response format and reader characteristics on the difference in scores between students who do and do not struggle with reading.

January 2018

Kelly A. Vaughn

Read Kelly A. Vaughn's summary of a study by Vaughn and Hernandez (2018) that examines how age of second language acquisition interacts with genetic variants from dopamine-related genes to predict bilingual proficiency in young adulthood.

December 2017

Dr. Paul T. Cirino

Read Dr. Paul T. Cirino's summary of a study by Cirino et al. (in press) that examines the structure of executive function.

November 2017

Dr. Yusra Ahmed

Read Dr. Yusra Ahmed's summary of a study by Parker et al. (2017) that examined growth patterns of students receiving writing interventions.

October 2017

Jessica Church-Lang

Read Jessica Church-Lang's summary of a study by Alcauter et al. (2017) that examined the role of the striatum in reading performance of school-age children.

September 2017

Kelly Macdonald

Read Kelly Macdonald's summary of an article in which Macdonald, Germine, Anderson, Christodoulou, and McGrath (2017) present their findings from a U.S. survey on neuromyths.

August 2017

Dr. Jamie M. Quinn

Read Dr. Jamie M. Quinn's summary of a study by Wanzek et al. (2017) that evaluated the effects of Passport to Literacy for upper-elementary students with comprehension difficulties.

July 2017

Dr. Pat Taylor

Read Dr. Pat Taylor's summary of an article by Everson (2017) that evaluated the findings of existing literature related to value-added models.

June 2017

Dr. Garrett Roberts

Read Dr. Garrett Roberts' summary of an article by Chow and Wehby (2016) on the associations between language and problem behavior.

May 2017

Dr. Philip Capin

Read Dr. Philip Capin's summary of an article by Hua and Keenan (2017) that explores how reading comprehension tests vary in the underlying skills they assess.